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Ink Pumps & Systems,
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For over 80 years, Graymills has worked with press manufacturers, converters and ink manufacturers to develop ink circulation and conditioning systems that meet their individual needs. From narrow web flexo presses to large gravure presses, Graymills has developed a variety of systems to meet the needs of the press.

Peristaltic ink pumps, centrifugal ink pumps, double diaphragm ink pumps, ink filters & suppressors

Graymills Ink Pumps & Systems

What kinds of ink pumps are used in the printing industry?

Graymills continues to offers the widest range of ink pumps – centrifugal, peristaltic and double diaphragm.
Whether you are wide-web, mid-web, narrow web, envelope or corrugated, you’ll find a pump or total system that fits your needs. Pumping from a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 55 gallon container – Graymills has the right length, lid and container (metric lengths and lids are also available.)

What is a peristaltic pump?

Also known as a “tube” pump, the peristaltic pump utilizes a flexible tube which passes through a head and is squeezed by two rollers that push the ink to the print deck. These pumps are excellent for fast color changes for low to high viscosity, UV and EB ink.

What is a centrifugal pump?

This industry workhorse is low maintenance, takes a lot of abuse and delivers ink in a non-pulsating flow.  Graymills centrifugal models provide in-tank circulation to keep the material in the tank blended.

What is a double diaphragm pump?

These air-driven pumps operate by the movement of two flexible diaphragms which move back and forth, alternately filling and emptying two chambers.  As each chamber is emptied, the ink is pushed toward the print deck. Good for corrugated bottom printers.

Ink and viscosity control

Passion and experience are our success factors!

Over the years, New Celio has become the market leader in the printing industry, especially in the development of viscometers.

The origin of this success is the philosophy inspired by the traditional highest Swiss quality and continuous technological improvement.

Experience and in-depth knowledge of the printing industry make New Celio the perfect partner for customers for whom solutions to their specific requirements are of paramount importance.

The precision and accuracy of New Celio's solutions offers the customer the best results in print quality and significant savings in inks, varnishes and solvents while reducing makeready times.

Main solutions for demanding applications:

Viscosity control

VISCOLOR is a viscosity measuring and regulating system designed for the printing industry.

Its flexibility permits the use in different printing processes concerning liquid viscosity measurement, as publication on gravure presses, packaging with solvent and water based inks on flexo and roto presses and newspapers on flexo presses.
New Celio offers several measuring principles: find with us the right solution for your needs.

Measures are mapped to the customer’s cup viscometer, therefore delivering a comprehensible and simple reference value.
The regulation of viscosity is obtained by adding the liquid for dilution whenever necessary.

✓ Modular and expandable
✓ Viscosity and temperature control
✓ High performance software
✓ User friendly
✓ Individual and/or centralized


VISCOLOR is a modular system and can be upgraded at any time.
An extremely friendly interface displays all the data to be kept under control during the printing process.

VISCOLOR integrates a temperature measurement in order to compensate the viscosity. Temperature control is possible through COOLCOLOR system.

VISCOLOR is expandable to other functions, like PH control (PHCOLOR system) or blending of multiple solvents (SOLCOLOR system). 

✓ Individual and/or centralized operation
✓ Touch screen monitor
✓ User-friendly interface
✓ Automatic calibration of viscosity and temperature
✓ Easy installation
✓ Self cleaning
✓ Interface to control the press
✓ Remote connection
✓ Integrated stopwatch function
✓ Diagnostic display
✓ Job memorization
✓ Inks library
✓ Alarm release and display
✓ Trend display
✓ High efficiency ink temperature control
✓ Ink tank level control
✓ Multiple solvent distribution for each PU 


WASHCOLOR is a special cleaning system for the automatic washing of printing units, that accelerates the shift from one job to the next.

WASHCOLOR is designed and built to completely recover leftovers of inks in the pipes, clean the entire ink feeding and save solvent consumption by re-using it.

- Increase of press efficiency and productivity
- Reduction of ink and solvent waste
- Special solvent recycling option

WASHCOLOR is an ink feeding and washing system designed for flexo presses, which can be used with solvent and water based inks. 

WASHCOLOR permits the cleaning of the entire circuit, including the hoses going from the ink bucket to the washing system. The system can be adapted depending on the type of the press and on the doctor blade chamber (closed or open). It can be supplied in single or multiple unit version, installed on new presses or used to upgrade old ones.

WASHCOLOR has been built to integrate viscosity control, temperature management, PH control for water based inks, and also the automatic measurement of ink consumption. It is a modular system, which also includes a magnetic filter that protects the complete system against dirt and collects metallic parts from the doctor blade chamber.
Solvent or water are used twice, granting a parsimonious use. As an option, WASHCOLOR can also reuse dirty solvent or water for next dilutions.

WASHCOLOR can be supplied with one or two pneumatic double diaphragm pumps for inlet and return; pumps are remotely controlled with an electronic command in order to optimize the inking according to the different inks in use. Flow is continuous and regular, without ink pulses in the doctor blade chamber.
✓ Increase of press efficiency and productivity
✓ Reduction of ink and solvent waste
✓ Special solvent recycling option
✓ Compact design
✓ Modular and expandable

WASHCOLOR main benefits:
- Recover of the whole ink in circulation
- Fast and automatic cleaning of the entire feeding circuit
- Regular and smooth distribution of the ink
- Solvent/water used twice (half dirty and clean) with significant saving
- Possibility to completely reuse the dirty solvent/water
- Possibility to send the ink directly to the distillation unit
- Possibility to use the soap for water based inks 

Ink Consumption System

CONSUMCOLOR is an Add-On System for New Celio Viscosity control systems.

By using CONSUMCOLOR System, significant savings of inks and residue can be put into effect in combination with the high precision of New Celio viscosimeters and their periphery compared to non respectively older viscosity controllers or models working on different measuring method.

CONSUMCOLOR supplies the following data on print jobs:
• Present ink consumption per printing unit in g/m²
• Present ink consumption per printing unit in kg
• Ink consumption per printing unit in kg and for the total job,
based on the printing width and per m²
• Proposed amount of ink per job
• Total amount of ink circulating per printing unit
• Residue per printing unit at the end of the job in kg
• How much additional ink per unit has be prepared to finish the job
• Ink and solvent parts per unit in kg
• Protocol of ink consumption per order per printing unit and total
in a linear diagram
• Protocol per job and total 

Necessary settings are:
• Cell volume of the cylinder respectively anilox roller in g/cm²
• Printing speed (interface to PLC of the press)
• Width of the printing job
• Lenght of the job
• Substrate 

Additional interfaces to medium metering and online coulor measuring are available.

Carbon Fibre Chamber Doctor Blade Systems

As specialists in ink doctoring systems and the whole printing as well as coating process, Printing Technology Wache and Delpro Limited been working in the flexoprinting and coating industry for decades, including all machine manufacturer and all of the specialist suppliers you’ve heard of.

Manufacturing and design engineeres since 1975

Delpro Limited was formed in 1975 to design and manufacture equipment for the converting, packaging and printing industries. Since that time, a visionary team of innovators and problem solvers, the company was determined to create the world’s best. Applications include machinery for adhesive labels, hot stamping foil, holographic coating and pressure sensitive material processing.

Delpro Limited is a trusted world leader in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre chambered doctor blade systems, with more than 1,000 successful installations worldwide.

A visionary team of innovators and problem solvers, the company was determined to create the world’s best anilox products combining its in-depth knowledge of the flexo industry with its design and engineering expertise.

Improve the performance of your flexo presses or gravure coating units and improve print and coating quality while reducing waste and providing a safer working environment.

The doctor blade position is preset and no further adjustment is required. The preset position ensures optimum and low-wear contact between the doctor blades and the anilox roller.
Our chamber doctor blade systems ensure a long service life for seals and doctor blades.
On request, we can offer you the conversion of your printing units with rubber and anilox rollers. Older printing units can be upgraded relatively inexpensively to modern printing units with very highquality printing units. The advantages over conventional aluminium chambers are their enormous rigidity and guaranteed corrosion resistance*.

Cleaning times are drastically reduced and print quality is improved because no ink residue remains in the chamber doctor blade. Delpro's design expertise and industry knowledge have ensured that the world's first carbon chamber doctor blade is still the best.

Cleaner, less expensive and faster, they improve the performance of press or gravure varnishers and provide higher print and coating quality, reduced scrap and a safer working environment.

  • 300% higher stiffness compared to conventional aluminum chambers
  • more uniform doctoring and improved support effect
  • Smooth surface: better, faster cleaning; quicker ink return
  • Minimized downtimes and set-up times
  • complete tool-free blade and seal change
  • Reduction of ink and varnish consumption, thanks to the low volume of 0.75 l/meter
  • Better straightness: Absolutely parallel to the anilox roller, low pressure, therefore less wear of doctor blades and seals
  • simplest handling: carbon fibre is 70% lighter than aluminium
  • (a 1200mm carbon fiber chamber weighs only approx. 6.5kg)
  • guaranteed corrosion resistance of the carbon fibre*.
  • *15 years guarantee on the corrosion resistance of the carbon fibre
  • Prevention of foam formation due to reduced liquid turbulence
  • clean filling of cells
  • Constant blade pressure on anilox roller and automatic compensation of blade wear

Esterlam Advanced Doctor Blades

Respected Throughout the World

Based in the United Kingdom, Esterlam are golbal leaders providing clear solutions for today's demanding flexo, gravure and screen applications. Doctor Blades can be used to print/coat paper, films such as PET, BOPP, PVC, etc, and foils used in packaging, labelling, publication, corrugated products and displays, metal decoration and printed electronics. We are extremely proud to have developed the original synthetic Doctor Blades over 30 years ago. We are the past, we are the present and we are the future.

Clear Proven Results

Use Esterlam's superior Doctor Blades and you'll quickly see why our products are world leaders. As specialist manufacturers, Esterlam's fully researched and manufactured Doctor Blades are in a class of their own - nothing even comes close. Our range has been consistently proven to not only improve and increase productivity, but also deliver a safer working environment.

The Leading Edge

From our pioneering synthetic blades of the 1970's to the advanced proprietary compounds and modern production techniques employed today, Esterlam's name is synonymous with the industry's leading edge developments.

Why we're proud to be different:
Less dot gain
Longer blade life
Improved safety
Less abrasive
Lower blade pressures
Instant start-up
Direct replacement for steel
Esterlam's knowledge, expertise and technology are second to none

We guarantee that the quality of performance you demand is not only matched but exceeded. We are more than just Doctor Blades - we are the future of Doctor Blades.


The founders of Esterlam, Don and Joy Hailey, innovated and created the world’s first synthetic laminate Doctor Blade in the early 1970’s. Consquently Esterlam has over 45 years experience in doctor blade innovation and design. Esterlams product range has also grown to include every aspect you need to improve printing and coating processes to help expand your potential markets and to improve operator safety.

Working closely with Printing Technology Wache, major corporations and OEM's worldwide, Esterlam R&D is continually utilizing the latest developments in high tech engineering materials to set new product and performance standards in today's doctor blade industry.

Esterlam Doctor Blades serve all primary market segments.

Packaging (Wide & Mid Web)
Labels (Narrow Web)
Coating & Laminating

Use Esterlam’s superior Doctor Blades and you’ll quickly see why our products are world leaders.
As specialist manufacturers Esterlam’s fully researched and manufactured doctor blades are in a class of their own – nothing comes close.

Our range has been consistently proven to not only improve and increase productivity, but also deliver a safer working environment.

We fix problems in full surface gravure printing and coating:

In combination with the right doctor blade setup, many printing problems such as toning, ink breaks, ink extractors, missing dots, chatter marks, ink strips and cylinder wear can be avoided. 

We fix problems in flexo printing:

Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience and know-how, many problems such as ink spitting, back doctoring, scorelines, dust formation, streaking, ghosting effect, bleeding, halo effect and anilox roller wear can be avoided in open and closed doctor blade systems. 

E-Series Polyester Doctor Blades

Specialising in the latest developments of advanced polymer technology, Esterlam’s innovative laminated blade designs are proven to reduce dot gain and give more consistent ink densities allowing increased press productivity and profitability ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Precision engineered profiles with special self lubricating characteristics, Esterlam doctor blades will significantly reduce wear and scoring to your anilox. Their self aligning profiles require less pressure to ensure an even ink film across the entire roller. Less pressure means reduced wear to blade and endseals, increasing operational life for every chamber set-up at high and low speeds. The result: improved condition of your aniloxes, less money spent on roller, blade and seal replacement and a safer working environment for your press crew.

Polyester doctor blades are used to ensure high quality printing and consistent reliable and constant coating weights in coating applications.
They have the same spring properties as steel without the hazards and abrasiveness. 

They have excellent chemical and thermal resistance properties and offer the same high performance and durability as steel doctor blades. Esterlam offers both working and closing blades for reliable and consistent, reproducible results in all common models of open or closed application systems.

material widths: 12.5 - 70 mm (in Inches 0.5" - 2.75")
material thickness: 0.20 - 1.00 mm (in Inches 0.008" - 0.40")

Combined with Esterlam doctor blades you can run at minimal pressure giving consistent and reliable print every time with longer blade life and improved safety for operators.

P-Series PE-UHMW Doctor Blades

Utilising the latest developments in advanced polymer technology, Esterlam’s innovative blade designs give you enhanced print quality, longer blade life, instant start-up whilst being much safer for operators to use.

Precision engineered to give consistent blade pressure and a uniform ink film across the entire anilox, Esterlam synthetic doctor blades enable you to precisely match customer colour requirements within seconds. That means less material wastage and faster job changeovers, improving your press productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

PE-UHMW doctor blades (polyethylene doctor blades) have defined the standard for flexo printers and OEM's worldwide for many years. By using the latest developments in polymer technology, the polyethylene doctor blades (PE-UHMW doctor blades) offer you advantages such as extended service life, less roller wear and damage, as well as higher work safety for the machine operator. 

Designed to ensure uniform blade pressure and ink film throughout the anilox roller, these doctor blades allow you to accurately match the customer's ink requirements within seconds of commissioning to meet customer requirements and satisfaction. Improving blade life also means fewer blade changes, less press downtime and improved productivity.

Polyethylene doctor blades significantly reduce material loss and improve margins and profitability on all jobs. Safety is of paramount importance and this means that squeegee installation is faster, safer and faster, further improving productivity.

material widths: 20 - 60 mm (in Inches 0.75" - 2.36")
material thickness: 0.80 - 2.00 mm (in Inches 0.030" - 2.36")

Polyester and Polyethylene (PE-UHMW) Doctor Blades

As printing technology has advanced, so to have Esterlam doctor blades creating significant advantages over steel in today’s modern printing environment. Longer life, less roller wear and operator safety all add to improving productivity when using Esterlam blades. Consistent high quality performance in all areas of flexo printing and gravure coating has lead to many leading corporations worldwide changing to the Esterlam blades. Further evidence can be seen in an FQC project carried out by the FTA in the USA, which tested the Esterlam synthetic doctor blade against carbon and stainless steel to see the effect of doctor blade material on dot gain. The report summary showed that the Esterlam blades actually caused less dot gain than steel. A full copy of the report is available from the FTA or Esterlam can give further details on request.

They are designed to run with less pressure plus having special self-lubricating characteristics, Esterlam doctor blades last significantly longer than steel in all ink formulation. Longer life means less blade changes, less machine stoppages and therefore increased productivity.

Esterlam doctor blades do not develop the razor sharp edges of steel and glassfibre blades and are therefore much safer to use. However care should be taken when handling any doctor blade material so as to protect both the operator and the blade edge.

The high quality precision engineered profiles require minimal running-in time allow printers to immediately reach full production speeds and match precisely customer specifications. That means less material wastage and increased press productivity.

Esterlam blades are very cost effective. You will use less of them saving you money, changing them less often which saves you time, your aniloxes will remain in better condition and your operators will have a safer working environment.

The doctor blades developed and manufactured by Esterlam are in a class of their own - nothing comes close. 

Esterlam step edge

Esterlam edge vs. competition blade

competition mylar blade edge

Esterlam leading edge profile

Esterlam International Limited

premium doctor blades

INTRO-Line doctor blades made in Switzerland for highest quality requirements in flexo, gravure and coating applications.

The INTRO-Line quality doctor blades are characterised by uniform straightness, flatness, thickness tolerance, degree of hardness and microstructure. This ensures perfect and consistent printing results.

The constant low contact pressure increases the service life of the doctor blade and cylinder. The INTRO-Line quality doctor blades are versatile, have a long durability and meet the highest technical requirements in gravure and flexo printing.

Doctor Blade end seals

High-performance chamber doctor blade end seals, for all printing machines and chamber doctor blade systems.

With the right sealing solution, you will favour a clean doctoring result and can rely on the tightness of the chamber.

With our product range in the area of chamber doctor blade seals, it is possible to equip doctor blade chambers in a cost- and quality-oriented way. End seals are also an essential component for the effective and efficient operation of chamber doctor blade systems as well as doctor blades.

We offer a complete range of high performance Chamber End Seals to suit all presses and OEM chambers. Our made-to-measure ProSeals are precision cut from high spec’ materials and are designed to outlast the competition and deliver outstanding performance.

Advantages of High-performance chamber doctor blade end seals


Reduced change outs of blades and seals during print jobs

Ink usage

Reduced leakage, resulting in less ink waste therefore less ink cost


Wear reduction on rollers and Doctor Blades due to reduced pressures

A correctly installed end seal:

• Increase the Doctor Blades life
• Increase the roller life
• Provide a leak free fit of the chamber to the roller

ProSeal chamber doctor blade seals can be manufactured according to customer samples or after provision of an appropriate technical drawing and documentation.

Washing machines for cleaning of sleeves and printing plates

The drum washing machine also called "Sleeve-Washer" for cleaning of sleeves of all dimensions and types. The "Sleeve-Washer" will clean all types of rubber sleeves, laser-engraved print sleeves, plates mounted on sleeves etc. in only 5-10 minutes.

Drum washing machine for sleeves

Our drum washing machine for long and large sleeves from SMB Schröder Maschinenbau for cleaning of sleeves of all dimensions and types. The washing machine will clean all types of rubber sleeves, laser-engraved print sleeves, plates mounted on sleeves etc. in only 5-10 minutes.

The unique technology combines the use of cleaning liquid, brushes, which ensures a gentle and efficient cleaning of the sleeve, irrespective of the type of ink used.

Manual washing can easily damage the sleeves and plates. It is time-consuming and often seen as a problem area from a health and safety point of view. Let operators focus on the printing process and press make-ready functions.

The Benefits:
• Fast and gentle cleaning process
• No Liquid Inside the Sleeve
• Lowest possible workload
• Low consumption of cleaning medium
• Completely cleaned and dried parts after a few minutes
• Clean workplace
• No wear of the plates or sleeves
• Minimal Maintenance

Designed for sleeves with the following dimensions:
Inner diameter: 80 mm to 280 mm
Outside diameter: up to 370 mm
Length: up to 2100 mm

Basic equipment of the standard machine:
- turret magazine for 5 sleeves
- Driven washing brush
- Closed wash water circulation system
- protective enclosure
- Switch cabinet with a Siemens S 7-PLC

- Lighting
- Designed for 4 or 6 sleeves
- post-cleaning system
- drying system
- Ex-protection version

Smaller sleeves can be cleaned with our round brush washing machines for small sleeves. This machine is designed for the multiple cleaning of up to 2 sleeves at the same time.

Designed for sleeves with the following dimensions:
Outside diameter: 60mm to 300 mm
Length: 260 mm to 1800 mm

Plate washing machine for printing plates

The Plate washing machine is designed to wash printing plates very gently, leaving them 100% clean and dry; ready for immediate reuse.

This Plate washing machine is equipped in a drum which makes the washing of plates easier than ever before.Thanks to the drum, our machine is much more compact and requires only minimal space, since no conveyor belt is used for the clichés.

The Plate washing machine is made of stainless steel and other high-strength quality materials, which ensure a long product service life and low maintenance requirements.

Slitting and winding technology

Slitting and winding technology from JURMET is an important success factor in the manufacture and processing of web materials.

Our customers are active in many different markets and, with new products and applications, generate a wide range of needs that need to be met. With ever shorter innovation cycles, standstill is already a step backwards. 

JURMET is therefore working to continuously analyse market trends and further advance technological developments.

Customer satisfaction is our most important driving force. We succeed as a team on the basis of our experience - and our success proves us right.

We want it to stay that way!

Therefore we continuously invest in the further development of our machines and competences. It is important to us to include the upstream and downstream processes as well.
Optimised processes and the responsible use of natural resources make it possible to create sustainable products for the future. This is what we stand for as a company and as your reliable partner.

Extensive knowledge and a flexible approach to machine configuration enable us to offer the best solutions for various industries and to convert a wide range of web materials, especially for the following markets: Foil, Paper and Cardboard, Nonwoven, Labels, Aluminium, Hot Stamping

KRAFTER monoshaft slitter

Master slitter with automatic handling